Tett Brochure-Front/back Tett brochure outside panels Tett brochure inside Tett poster Tett banner and billboard Tett magazine ad


After a very large and extensive renovation, The Tett Centre reopened in Kingston, ON, with all new tenants and a new attitude. This time they are all about collaboration and creating new art forms. The opening event “The Whole Shebang”, directed by Dreamwalker Dance Company was meant to be the kick-off of this new era for The Tett. I was contracted to do a very large promotion series for the event and come up with a concept that could be used to brand the event through a wide variety of mediums. 


The key focus of the design is the illustration of The Tett Centre building literally coming alive. The image is meant to convey the message that The Tett Centre is now a more open, inviting, collaborative, and innovative environment than previously. The image then became a brand of sorts for the rest of The Whole Shebang re-opening campaign. 

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