The goal of this project was to develop a new logo and website for a Kingston-based Tarot Reading and Life Coaching Business.  Erin Wight, the owner of Divine Infinite Wisdom, is a Medium and Transition Coach who offers services such as Chakra Blueprint Readings, Tarot Readings, Transition Coaching, and Spirit Dwelling Communication. The business was in need of a change to gain more clients, so the original brand concept was used to create a new logo.


The redesigned logo represents the core of what Erin Wight does in her business. The seven circles in the center of the heart represent the seven chakras, which are the “spiritual centers” of your body.  The heart shape is derived from the Yin Yang, representing inner peace and the human soul. Combining these two symbols together forms the true purpose of Divine Infinite Wisdom as a business: Erin helps clients by searching their souls and allowing them to get in touch with their true inner spirit.

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