Ilumina is a new healthcare service that provides people with a fast process for booking an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, and other specialty services. Typically, when people need to book these services through our public healthcare system, they end up waiting months to get an appointment. Through this service a person can book a private MRI and have the appointment within 2 weeks. At Elite Digital, we were hired to brand the company and design a website to provide users with information about the service. My role on the project was as Creative Director, working with an Art Director, Sr. Designer, Jr. Designer.

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After doing research into existing websites and brands in the healthcare industry, I established a colour palette and overall tone for the brand. Insights from the client showed that the tone needed to be innovative, technology-driven, informative and strong, to provide users a high-end, contemporary interaction with the brand. The brand concept focuses on two very important representations. The first is visible in the strong, bold, and futuristic wordmark, creating the feeling of confidence and strength. There are spaces and breaks within the letters that represent pieces coming together to form one strong element, paralleling Ilumina bringing all the pieces together to provide clear results for consumers. The second is demonstrated with the use of circular shapes, creating a visual representation of the machines and technology used to enlighten patients by illuminating issues and providing clear results. Using light as a focal point we emulate the concept of a futuristic and modern experience. The colour palette is inspired by the light that emanates technology used in health care and colours seen frequently in scientific imagery.

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