Diagnostic Illumination Website Design and Branding Showcase


Diagnostic Illumination is a new healthcare service that provides people with a fast process for booking an MRI. Typically, when people need to book an MRI through our public healthcare system, they end up waiting months to get an appointment. Through this service a person can book a private MRI and have the appointment within 2 weeks. At Elite Digital, we were hired to brand the company and design a website to provide users with information about the service. My role on the project was as Art Director and UX Designer.


After doing research into existing websites and brands in the healthcare industry, I established a colour palette and overall tone for the brand. Insights from the client showed that the overall tone needed to be innovative, technology-driven, informative and relaxed, to provide users peace of mind and make the process as easy as possible. Orange and Blue were chosen as the main brand colours, using blue to convey calmness, and orange to add a personable and innovative tone that isn’t typically scene in the industry. As a team we decided to take the user through a process where they could answer questions to understand whether they were eligible for booking a private MRI. Imagery of clouds are used as the main motif to promote a calm peace-of-mind as users go through their journey. We created userflows for the Eligibility Quiz to determine what information we would need from the user, and when, in order to properly verify whether they were eligible. Once the user is confirmed as eligible, they are able to pay for their booking online and provide their contact information for the hospital to get in touch and confirm their appointment.

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