Joy at the End of the Rainbow book design


Joy at the End of the Rainbow: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Loss is a month-by-month survival guide to a pregnancy that is different from the others – for women that have gone through miscarriages and stillbirths. The book provides medical information tailored to very real concerns. Written by a mother who has had both stillborn twins and two successful rainbow pregnancies, with guidance from the latest research on pregnancy after a loss, the guide helps women manage their anxiety as they anticipate the arrival of their rainbow child.


I decided to experiment with a few different stylistic directions at the start of the project; one more typography driven, and one that was illustration driven. In the end we chose one that had a healthy balance between typography and illustration, with a heavy focus on typography, using illustration to convey the tone. This set the book apart from many other self-help books that are very type driven but don’t possess a lot of character or creativity in terms of imagery. The chosen concept focuses on bringing character to the book cover by using hand-scripted typography and simple imagery. The purpose here is to draw the viewers attention to the title of the book first and foremost, and then to use supportive, simple imagery to convey the overall tone. The soft colour palette and the organic imagery creates a hopeful, feminine atmosphere, because even though the subject is a morose one, the book was created to support women on a new, happier chapter in their life.

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