Elite Digital is a start-up digital agency that has been in the email and marketing industry since 2004. In recent years they have grown to a digital marketing agency with over 50 employees. With such a large change, the agency also needed a new brand, which my team was tasked with developing. I started by doing some research into the company history and asking the CEO a few questions about how it all started and his vision for its future.

After taking a look at the existing website and the branding to determine which elements were a core part of the identity, I began brainstorming concepts. I finally landed on the idea of using a crown as the main symbol, using an abstract execution. This fit the nature of the company in so many ways from its history and wealth of knowledge in digital, to the way that every client is provided with top-notch service (like royalty you could say).


From there the goal was to develop a brand that was flexible, strong, energetic, and bold. The colours are a prominent part of the brand and are meant to be used freely. The final colours are green, royal blue, light blue, navy blue, and gold. The symbol was created as an abstract representation of a crown in order to add a more fun tone to the concept. The four components on the symbol are meant to be used in many different ways – together,  broken apart, as a pattern, etc. The combination of shapes and colours were chosen to promote this flexibility in the brand so that it is always open to change and opportunity.

The brand was also extended to other departments within the company. Elite Health became a division of the agency dedicated to our pharmaceutical clients. We also used the brand to create a dedicated landing page for the Elite Health division highlighting pharmaceutical specific skills and capabilities the agency has.

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