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This is a project created to conceptualize a tool for a pharmaceutical company. The idea behind the tool is to help healthcare professionals get their questions answered about products quickly and easily, without having to call a help line and spend time waiting for a representative on the phone. The client wanted to give their target audience a digital resource that they could use to answer questions about products they are prescribing to their patients, report adverse events, and speak to representatives via a live chat.


I worked as Creative Director with the design team to bring this idea to life by working through an agile UX design process, doing research into the industry and current problems with the existing tool, creating userflows, rapid prototyping, and high-fidelity wireframes in order to allow the client to present their idea to key stakeholders at the company. My role specifically involved leading the brainstorming and UX workshops, establishing the branding, helping create the wireframes, and overseeing the design process.

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