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Combyne Ag is an agriculture technology company, building products to help farmers make the best decisions when it comes to marketing their crop. In my role as Director of Product, I led the product strategy, long term roadmap, product marketing, and user experience.

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Product & Role

My role began as a User Experience Designer in 2019, when the product was a grain marketplace, under the name FarmLead. I quickly took on the user research role, and after realizing that a marketplace matching buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities was not truly solving major problems for the ag industry, the original product was sunset in 2020. But out of the experiences farmers shared with us about marketing their grain throughout our research initiatives, Combyne was born. We uncovered an abundance of challenges that farmers were facing within the crop marketing management cycle and began our mission to streamline that experience by focusing on one core need – reconciling crop sales against inventory. Throughout 2022 Combyne focused on adding features to help with decision-making in the crop marketing lifecycle, and by the end of the year, Combyne was acquired by Bayer’s Digital Farming division. Throughout the product pivot and acquisition, I played a key role in developing and bringing the product strategy to life, working with a talented team of designers, researchers, and developers.

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