character sketches Animation plans


This project is part of a larger project that was done by Spark Production House at St. Lawrence College. The goal was to take Food Theory 101,  a course in the culinary program, and create a database of information that was interactive and fully accessible.  The course includes online tutorials and lessons, created by Spark. I was hired to create animations for 4 topics: Heat Transfer, Mixing Methods, Baking Process, and Yeast Bread Baking Process.

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 I first had to establish page layouts and functionality of the animations. Then I came up with a signature style for the illustration and animations, which included characters to represent the many scientific components of the processes being animated. Using the characters was a way to provide a distinguishable form for students to relate to and more easily understand. It also turned out that the illustrations became a sort of brand for the course, and more characters were created to be used as landing page images for all other course materials.

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