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The Karen Project, better known as Karen, is a company that focuses on their unique, health forward product made of 100% pure phytoplankton. The Karen team is situated in New Brunswick and hired Elite Digital to partner with them in order to expand their client base, develop their new website, and create marketing campaigns.


 I was the Art Director on this project, which began with their new website. The problem we were trying to solve was creating a more user-friendly system on the ecommerce side, as well as giving the user more direct information about the product. The previous site had a very high bounce-rate due to users not knowing where to go for the information they needed, or not knowing what the site was even about. The new site focuses on showcasing the benefits the users will see when taking the product. I was able to partner with their internal photographer and direct a shoot to get images for the website header where all different kinds of users are shown enjoying the product in their own ways.

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