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This is a full branding and package design project that I created for  J. Thompson Technology, an up-and-coming innovative product business. The product is brand new to the health market, and provides an incredible amount of benefits to users. These include: higher energy levels, clearing up calcium build-ups, increased sex drive, and many more, using all natural ingredients and one top secret magic touch. There are two bottles of solution within the box, a solid and a liquid concentrate that are meant to be mixed together with water and stored in the fridge. The packaging also includes sticker labels for your pitcher. 


 The logo design uses the colours of the solution itself and is meant to represent the energy and revitalization the product provides. The curves of the “S” combined with the yellow dot, exemplify health and the flow of energy, ie. healing. The custom designed “S” paired with the curved, capitalized typeface represents Salutem Solution as the all-natural, miracle working, and health forward product that it is. The package design is inspired by the vanilla plant and vanilla beans, which is one of the main ingredients in the Salutem Solution formula. It includes a box design, product label, and water pitcher stickers for the final mixed solution.

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