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Hello! I am Kellie Wright, a Designer based in Toronto, Ontario. I love using design as a means to articulate an innovative idea and specialize in creating brands that are distinctive and unique. I have a passion for branding, web and user-experience design, packaging as well as the occasional illustration.

I graduated from St. Lawrence College with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and have since continued to develop my skills and knowledge in the design industry. These skills range from concept development and illustration to branding, user-experience, and web design.

For me, the most important and intriguing part of the design process is solving a problem, for the client, or a user. I am always thinking from a user perspective to make sure that the final product is as effective as possible.

I am currently an Art Director at a fast-growing digital agency. In my spare time I enjoy super hero movies, science-fiction, indulging in sushi, and cuddling with my pup. I’m a book worm, health nut, tea addicted, yoga enthusiast, with a passion for meaningful work. When searching for inspiration, I can be found long-distance running and exploring.


Art Director
Elite Digital Agency (2015 – Present) 

Wright Idea Design (2012 – Present) 

Web Designer
FrontRunner Professional (2014 – 2015)

Graphic Designer
Spark Production House (2013 – 2014)

Graphics Assistant
Student Association, SLC (2013 – 2014)


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Muse

Google Slides

Google Docs

  • Research

    This begins with researching the industry and the company and/or product. Then, I move on to similar projects and companies to determine the market trends and what will set this project apart from them.

  • Inspiration

    Why inspiration? Reviewing stellar design work sparks new ideas for me, as well as determines the stylistic approach that will be retained for the project. This could range from illustration styles to website layouts.

  • Concept

    This is where the research and inspiration are combined into a brainstorming jumble of thought trains, mind maps and sketches upon sketches of new ideas and visual concepts.

  • Production

    Then I bring rough work to the computer for execution. Colour, effects, photos, and text are all combined to enhance the initial work. Concepts are narrowed down to those that send the most clear message.

  • Finalization

    A final, single concept is chosen by myself and key stakeholders for refinement. At this point, the entire project is reviewed and elements are tweaked and enhanced to complete the process.


I provide consulting services to help you determine your design needs and ideal solutions. This happens before any other part of the process to ensure that you are making the best decisions to help improve your business.
Branding your business is like giving it a face and a personality that people can get attached to. If your brand is distinctive, relatable, and targeted to the right audience, it will gain recognition and your consumers will want to stay connected.
Web Design
If your website hasn't been touched in over 5 years then it's probably time for an update. A fresh look on your website and some reorganization can drastically improve your client reputation and user satisfaction.
No matter what the project, finding a way to incorporate illustration will always draw attention. It paints a picture, tells a story, and creates character and personality. There are a million possibilities when it comes to illustration and style choices.
Print Design
Print is an effective and engaging way to target a very specific audience. Print pieces are tangible objects that can provide physical interaction to the user, making the information more memorable when the right options are explored.
To make a product stand out in a sea of brands, innovative packaging is key. The packaging is an opportunity to give information about the product and to engage consumers. The more innovative and distinctive, the better.

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